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Home is where love resides

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

The title of this blog maybe a sentiment that may easy to connect with when we think of the bricks and mortar buildings we grew up in or return to every night, but what about our first and forever home; our body? Do we think about it with as much love and adoration as the walls around us? Hell no!

For most of us, our relationship with our body isn’t just complex, it’s straight up dysfunctional and often abusive and the way we view and think about it can be so cruel and unkind. We start to see our body as the enemy, like a hostile environment when we should be treating it like home sweet home.

Looking after our BODY is a big part of self-care. We all know that we should eat a healthy balanced diet, exercise and get lots of good quality sleep, so why don’t we? We all know that green veg is a healthier choice than a cream egg, so it is not about lack of knowledge. How many times do we have to starve ourselves, beast ourselves in the gym, binge eat and self-loath before we realise something has to shift and it isn’t the number on the scales. Our body is not the problem, the problem is what we think about it.

If we listen to our body it will tell us whether it needs fed, moved or rested, but we have to learn to see it as a beautiful and unique part of us that deserves our love and kindness before unhealthy habits can change.

So this week stop stressing about what you are or are not eating, don't berate yourself if you don't make it to the gym or are still up at midnight watching Netflix. Instead, try to make space every day to remind yourself that your body is INCREDIBLE! Dress up in your favorite things, take the time to pamper yourself and if you’re feeling really courageous, write an apology letter to your body for all the times you wished it was different and didn't show it off in all its glory.

Your body is the place you should feel free to fully express yourself, the place where you can get real cosy, the place you should feel most safe. Your body is your home, so forget the overpriced superfoods and go fill it with self-love instead. Only then will taking care of it becomes easy.

Big love

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