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Leg Injury


Bespoke treatments fusing expert skills in soft tissue therapy with a sensitive approach to metal health and well-being. This holistic practice of body-mind connection is designed to help you find and maintain a feeling of ease and freedom in your movement

We all deserve to live free from discomfort, without having to tolerate or ‘push through’ pain. At THE CLINIC, we pride ourselves on our ability to listen and understand your experience, as we work together to bring your body and mind back to their optimal feel good state. 


BODY | Soft Tissue Massage Treatment

A bespoke soft tissue treatment using Sports Massage Therapy techniques (e.g. massage, myofascial release, trigger point, MET stretching, positional release).

Ideal for: Anyone; who is repeatedly using their body in similar movement patterns in work, play or downtime; or as a maintenance massage to help maintain and potentially increase range of movement.

What to expect: A thorough assessment of your movement and alignment, followed by hands on treatment. You will also be offered aftercare exercises to further release tension and/or strengthen tissues to help maintain and improve your range of movement.

MIND | Massage & Relaxation Treatment 

Life can be stressful sometimes, resulting in us holding tension in our thoughts, which can manifest as physical tension in the body. This signature treatment is designed to help you relax and feel a little lighter in body & mind.

Ideal for: Anyone who is stressed, exhausted, or finding it hard to switch off.

What to expect: Time & space to explore where tension is being held physically, followed by a hands on treatment that integrates soft tissue treatment (e.g. massage and positional release) with guided breath work to help sooth the fervour system. Your treatment will close with a guided deep relaxation to help you find some inner calm & peace.

BODY-MIND | Combined Therapy

Our body and mind are interconnected. One cannot be effected without the other also reacting. This therapy treats you as a whole, integrated and unique human being combining an in-depth assessment, hands on treatment and relaxation techniques for a holistic approach to body-mind connection in the treatment of imbalance, injury and tension. 

Ideal for: Anyone who is: experiencing discomfort/pain; has had to stop doing things they enjoy; has tried different things but can’t get relief, want to improve their movement, want to improve their performance. 

What to expect: Time to discuss, assess and understand how you are feeling and moving.  After an in-depth consultation you will receive a bespoke hands on treatment blending the clinical benefits of STM with the therapeutic benefits of other massage techniques alongside deep relaxation. This unique holistic approach helps you understand your body and find balance and relief.


Without doubt the most connected I’ve been during a massage. Christine really listened to all I said and communicated beautifully throughout the time. Her expert knowledge was delivered in such a way that it made total sense and I felt important and with new found hope that I don’t have to put up with the pain in my body that I’ve been experiencing for so long. I booked straight back in again and felt great afterwards as I know I’m now (finally) on the right journey to a pain free life.


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