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Pick Your Player

It is officially time to level up!

I am pushing on with my quest to help you move well and feel great whilst you’re doing it.

Here is a sneaky cheeky peak at what I’ve got brewing. All these new secret levels are unlocking soon. The question is, are you playing the game for real, or are you just button bashing? Which player are you going to pick to help you on your mission to feeling great inside and out???


Player: Blanka

Special Move: Electricity

Backstory: Overcoming adversity and letting those injuries & challenges ignite a spark to stay strong and keep winning

If you are dealing with an injury, back pain, or that shoulder that hasn’t been right for ages I have something big coming. I am now fully qualified in injury rehabilitation and am going to be launching bespoke 4 month programs that include hands on treatment, 1:1 training sessions, exercise plan that you will actually do, and dare I say, enjoy! This is going to be a fun, informative and empowering route back to recovery.

MIND Treatment

Player: Dhalsim

Special Move: Yoga Fire

Backstory: Master of the mind from the ancient yogic ways. Uses the yoga wisdom to strengthen the body-mind connection and use it as a superpower.

The MIND Treatment at THE CLINIC will be getting a do-over. This will now be a signature blend of a deep tissue back and shoulder massage, Indian head massage and guided relaxation (yoga nidra) to help rebalance and reboot your body-mind connection. Look out for the official launch and a cheeky little offer landing middle of April.


Player: Chun Li

Special Move: All the high kicks

Backstory: The baddest bitch on the block singlehanded taking on all the boys with thighs strong enough to crush a mans skull. She’s got all the kicks, flips and tricks making the fight look damn good and ‘hella fun

I’ll meet you at the Barre, yeah? Having skull crushing thighs, a strong booty and a core of steel is the recipe for a healthy pain free spines… but my god are squats boring and sit-ups so uninspiring. I will most definitely be launching a Barre class very soon so you too can fall in love with a ballet inspired boot camp that will have you sweating and burning in all the right places. Expect an alternative playlist and choreography to keep it light and super fun. No dance experience needed, but you will leave feeling like you’re ready to go pro!


Player: Ryu

Special move: Bringing the heavy hits

Backstory: The OG! Brining the ways of the east to the fight. The biggest, the best, the heavy hitter.

I am pumped for what is coming very soon. I am working to secure some of my favourite teachers from around the country to come to MK, the city of dream, and deliver some epically inspiring and ultimately life affirming yoga specials. Can you guess who is going to be in the super star hit squad?


Player: Ken

Special move: Kenergy

Backstory: Keeping it cool and sexy in all the moves

Functional Movement is still cool and sexy so I am scheduling in some new workshops to unpick, analyse, mobilise, stabilise and unlock our ultimate movement potential. Where do we start? Shoulders, hips, something for runners, something for climbers? Calling all my movement junkies. Whatever your sport and discipline of choice, there’s always so much more to learn and improve!

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