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Refresh Your Morning Routine

I don't know about anyone else, but hauling my backside out of bed in the morning can be somewhat of a struggle. This only seems to occur Monday to Friday (funny that!?) when the alarm goes off at 6:00am and that sinking feeling of dread washes over me, as I realize I have to go to work! I hit snooze countless times and then when I do finally give in and stop dozing off, rather than getting out of bed, I lie there staring at my phone as I scroll through social media. Now I've banked the dread of work and feelings of inadequacy from ogling at the beautiful people of instagram in my mood bank to carry with me all day... and $hit, I'm now running 45 minutes late.

I jump out of bed, stump my toe on something and desperately try to find something to wear. I try to get dressed at the same time as brushing my teeth, get toothpaste all over what I'm wearing and have to find something else to put on. I cant find my keys, my laptop, my glasses, my yoga stuff for class after work, or the shoes that go with this outfit. After hunting everything down I don't have time to even consider breakfast.

I finally make it to the car and realize I've forgotten at least one of the things I've been rushing around trying to find. Have to unlock the house, go back in to find what was I looking for, then lock the house back up again.

I finally hit the road. Stressed, running late, often with a good old dose of impatient road rage and all I can think about is how much I need a coffee!

Sound familiar??? Then it's time to refresh your morning routine!

Here is my simple reboot to help kick start your day so you can continue as you mean to go on.


1) Be prepared

Put in a little bit of work the night before. Get your outfit for the following morning laid out and ready to chuck on (I'm talking pants, socks, the lot!), pack your bag ready to lift and go and roll out your mat in the perfect practice spot. Spending a few minutes in the evening will save you so much time and flapping about in the morning.

2) When the alarm sounds

Get out of the bed! I repeat, GET OUT OF THE BED!

Snooze does not help anyone. Once that alarm sounds, give yourself a juicy stretch and only focus on what's coming in step number 4.

3) Don't even touch it!

Walk away from the phone. Do not unlock it. Do not open Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, your email, or any other form of social media or communication. Leave the phone where it is and just get up. You can do it, I promise. The online world will not fall apart if you don't check in first thing. It will still all be there later.

4) Get comfy

This is your focus for getting out of bed. Go put on something comfy and cozy. A big old jumper, some slipper socks and your baggy yoga pants. Head to the kitchen and make what ever your hot morning beverage of choice is. Then take that brew and go sit and enjoy it. No phone, no TV, no nothing. Just simply enjoy.

On your yoga mat, or out in the garden... or even better on your yoga mat in the garden! Make this a little morning meditation enjoying the comfort, warmth and space you've given yourself. This is also a great opportunity to practice a bit of gratefulness.

5) Move

If you're reading this, chances are you like a bit of a yoga. Having a spot at home where you can go to every morning and just be on you mat is so important. make it your little haven with a scented candle, fairy lights, plants and anything else that makes it an inviting spot where you want to be.

Morning practice doesn't have to be an hour of hardcore vinyasa. You've just woken up, be kind to yourself. Take a moment to center, listen to your body and move in the way it needs. This doesn't eed to be any more than a couple of minutes of gentle movement and stretching... and don't forget the savasana!

6) Scribble

After your morning practice, take some time to organize your mind for the day. Do what ever works for you. Write your to do list, jot your feelings in your journal, write up your intention for the day on a sticky note. Just put pen to paper to help you feel organized and filled with positive vibes. If you're an early morning breakfast kinda guy/gal, then this is a great thing to do whilst sat enjoying your healthy and nutritious fuel.

7) Get ready and go

Now all you need to do is get washed, dressed and ready to face the world knowing that you've had an awesome start to the day... stress free!


This change in routine only needs to take 15-20 minutes (or as much time as you want it to). So if you're already spending half an hour in bed snoozing and/or on your phone, not only is this going to improve your mood and general well being, it's also saving you time!

Go on... give it a try. You might surprise yourself

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