What are you waiting for?

Every year I make an annual pilgrimage to a festival. This is my happy space that seriously feeds my SOUL. Festival culture has become huge in the UK and this isn’t just about the boozing, it is all to do with the hedonism. A space where we escape the day to day routine and indulge in the things we love. No rules… just straight up vibes and good times!

My particular brand of all-out camping carnage tends to be the boutique scene these days. I am even upgrading my tent to a camper van to enjoy this year’s frivolity where I will be enjoying fine banquet feasts, lake side spa time and whole nights dancing my ass off in the forest shimmering head to toe in (eco friendly) glitter. I eat when I want to eat, sleep when I want to seep and wear whatever I feel magical in without any worries about what people think of my wobbly bits.

For each of us the things that make our soul sing are different, but we all have them. For me, its music, being outdoors, throwing my body around in shapes and rhythms, playing dress up, eating and drinking delicious things and spending time laughing uncontrollably with likeminded wild ones. So why do I feel the need to wait to until one weekend in the summer for this? Our souls need to be topped up all year round and it’s about time we made space for them to shine. So how about we commit to weave a bit of the hedonistic spirit onto every day?

Here is my pledge.

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