The Practice

Doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result was Einstein’s definition of insanity. I also think the same can be said for having to do everything differently, but still expecting the same outcome. Our lives have changed beyond all recognition in the last few weeks, but how many of us are still putting the same expectation on ourselves that our simple everyday experiences should look and feel the same way life did before lockdown.

This seems to be the biggest lesson for me at the moment. Not just to embrace things being different, but letting go of the control I have on the outcome so I can welcome wherever this new normal takes me.

I have been wracking my brain about how I can still help you get your weekly hit of yoga and brave this very scary online world. If you practice with me regularly you will have heard me say that discomfort is simply an unfamiliar sensation (not to be confused with pain; pain is to be avoided), but if we can learn to lean into discomfort, it has the power to help us learn, grow and evolve... but it’s not easy and it certainly isn’t pretty.

I’ve sat for weeks trying to workout how I can continue to do what I love; sharing what yoga means to me and most importantly, support you. The truth... I was stuck wanting to recreate what happens when we come together and practice as a group, when the reality is I can’t. However, I can teach you something new. I can show you how to build a REAL yoga practice. So this is my new mission and it feels so right. I want to help each and every one of you to discover your own home practice. Teaching you the skills to be able to hold space for yourself and work out what yoga means to you, as you start to uncover and excavate parts of yourself that need to be felt and heard.

It is time to let go of the familiar structure and environment of a teacher guiding you through a perfectly orchestrated sequence and instead, start to nurture a way of tapping into what yoga has to offer you every day. Not a yoga class, but THE PRACTICE.

The secret to building your own home practice is first to understand that it is completely different to a yoga class.

- It is bite sized chunks that you can fit in (sometimes just a couple of minutes)

- It can happen on and off of a yoga mat

- It doesn’t matter what you look like, or what you’re wearing

- It’s not just asana (the physical poses), yoga is so much more

I’ve leaned into the discomfort of embracing the online world. Are you ready to lean on in with me, start to take your yoga to the next level and step into THE PRACTICE?

Head over to my website to unlock:

- Bite sized practices

- Tutorial videos

- Full audio guided practice

- Playlist to breathe, move and rest to

- Weekly virtual meet up and group practice

- Daily tasks straight to your inbox to bring your practice to life