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Make shift happen

My sister in law shared something this week about needing an adult to tell her what to do right now, then she realised she was that adult.

Read that again. It’s pretty powerful stuff.

This was a massive kick in the face reminder of something very important that I need to focus on right now as I try to navigate through the ‘new-normal’. I need to remember that I have choices.

My realisation is not that we need to be living in an identical ‘new-normal’ but that I am able to create ‘my-own-new-normal’.

When you take away the lenses of expectation that filter and distort, it allows us to focus back in on what we truly need and want. Yoga in its essence is a self study. Our yoga practice are the tools we use to help us understand and challenge the beliefs, barriers and habits that hold us back (who knew balancing on one leg and trying to touch your toes could have that big an impact).

Shifting our perspective; the way in which we see things, can open a completely new set of unlimited possibilities. A shift in perspective rewires our thoughts, affects our feelings and in turn can change our actions to transform our reality.

What if you reimagined this time not as a pause, but a shift!

A time of change where we can create the world we most want.

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