Ground control to Major Tom

Last week I wrote about letting go of expectation in the quest to live with a shameless sense of gratitude for self, situation and others. Being able to appreciate where I am now, in the moment, always gives me a profound appreciation for the ground beneath my feet (...and that is coming from a girl who chooses to live a life on the water). One thing this time in lockdown has gifted so many of us is a bit of extra time and space to be outside more... and my god is it my lifeline at the moment.

Having our time outdoors rationed is making so many of us make the most of it and is certainly helping us appreciate how much of a gift this is. A strong reminder that connecting with nature DAILY has a profound impact on our health and well-being. When we really feel the sun on our skin, breathe in the air, noticing the sounds, smells and textures around it helps us to move our focus away from our busy, frantic (and let’s be honest), often quite stressed and worried thoughts back in to our bodies.

There is so much comfort to be found in taking a moment to slow down (even pause) and soak up that grounding sense of strength and stability the earth beneath our feet has to offer us.

With that in mind, this week is about being less of a space cadet so we can instead plug back into nature, slow down and refuel from the roots up with some calm and grounding energy.

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