Go with the flow

Is anyone else out there feeling stuck or trapped in the four walls they’re holding up in as part of lockdown? I get it, it’s tough.

Getting up everyday and feeling confined to the same building, penned in with the same people and rolling out of bed every morning ready to play out your own personal Groundhog Day again... and again... and again. These rigid walls and boundaries can feel limiting, leaving us feeling stiff and blocked physically and energetically (especially with the uncertainty of how long we will be held here). To steal some words from Paulo Cohelo “if you think adventure is dangerous, you should try routine”.

...but what if I told you being stuck was a state of mind (and we all know what we think, we become).

Truth is, we are so much more than our thoughts. In fact, we are 60% water! So what if we focused more on that and let our minds and bodies become more fluid?

You see, water is pretty incredible stuff. It’s a shapeshifting substance that can be solid as ice, boil out of control, move in quantities as large as oceans and dissipate as subtly as vapor. This mighty stuff can flow round obstacles, trickle through cracks and has the power to burst through dams. Give me fresh, cleansing, fluid water over rigid walls and barriers any day!

With that in mind, this week is all about submerging into a more fluid state of being to loosen up those sticky feelings and start to feel a little more freedom again.

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