None of us expected our April to look like this, but it is what it is and we’re all in it together (at an appropriate safe distance and with very clean hands). It is unsettling to have all our ideas and expectations about what our life should look like be trashed overnight and this new reality thrust upon us. That is some overwhelming stuff right there!

If you are on this mailing list, then chances are you like a bit of yoga, but since the lockdown, the way we are used to practicing in yoga studios, gyms and community spaces is no longer our reality. Whether we wanted to or not, we are having to embrace yoga in our own homes... but where do you start?

One of the biggest blockers and barriers in a home practice is often the image we create of it in our own heads of how it should be.

We expect our own practice to look and feel like some sort of health and well-being advert. Soft lighting, beautiful environment and moves that look like something from cirque du soleil. Having unrealistic expectations of ourselves is what stops us from even starting. Real life often means mess, noise, distraction, hormones, lack of motivation, bad moods (and let’s be honest it)... we ain’t professional acrobats, choreographers or philosophers. In order to be able to develop a sustainable home practice, we have to let go of these images so that we can actually enjoy this little bit of time each day to take care of ourselves.

When we start to break free from our own expectations, it allows us to really start living in the moment. By letting go of our ideas of how things should be we are able to focus on how we actually are now. In turn, we start to act in ways that are much more inline with what we need so we can truly appreciate what we have.

If this is what is happening in our yoga practice, then chances are we put some seriously high expectations on other areas of our life. That is why this week THE PRACTICE is all about letting go of EXPECTATION.

Expectation is the thing that is killing reality (and our love and gratitude for it), so are you ready to explore this deeper as we play with THE PRACTICE of letting that shit go?

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