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28th & 29th November 2020


Set in amongst stunning scenery with beautiful views of the Ouse Valley, this exclusive and inspiring space will provide the backdrop to your weekend of well-being. Remote enough to be blissfully peaceful, yet just 15 miles from Milton Keynes and Northampton to make this a weekend that feels accessible and simple to weave into our lives. With ample space to allow our minds to clear and slow down, we will all be reminded of the true magic of our life. Life right now, in the moment with all we have in it to fully notice, appreciate and connect with.


  • Energising morning yoga practice

  • Nutritious mid morning snack to refuel

  • Creative workshop

  • Delicious lunch

  • Deep relaxation practice (e.g. yin/restorative/nidra)

  • Chai tea and cake 

  • Stunning grounds to explore and relax in

  • Two incredible teachers to inspire, teach and empower you


We are, two (so much more than just) yoga teachers, who embody all we teach and practice. Fiercely passionate, supportive and dedicated to our yoga businesses and those people in our worlds.  Here's a little bit about both of us.


Bringing the fun, creativity and the fire, meet...


"Christine has an energy about her that is truly magnetising and leaves you wanting to be around her more. Dedicated to her craft and highly creative, she is able to seamlessly fuse poses, practices, music and words together to create pure magic. She creates real yoga experiences in the studios that she teaches in across Milton Keynes, from one hour weekly classes, to in depth workshops and retreats (both home and in stunning locations abroad). Teaching many different styles of yoga makes Christine’s approach to teaching multi-faceted which comes across in all she does. From strong vinyasa to releasing Yin, and energizing flow to restful restorative, she has so many styles in her ever-growing yoga toolkit to share.

This beauty brings the creativity and powerful energy to life and quite honestly, being in her presence is a joy and a privilege that you will be able to experience for yourself. An inspiration to those she works with and teaches and able to show you what living authentically truly means and feels like. You will feel her magic just like I and so many others have done and I cannot wait to collaborate once again to bring out the very best in each other."

words by Kelly

Bringing insight, support and clarity, meet...


"Kelly is one of those people that has a gift for making you feel seen and heard.  It is in her bones to care and support with such kindness.  She is a real life actual super hero that somehow does it all.  Running her own business, raising two of the strongest independent girls I know, teaches and shares with such a passion to help everyone around her and is a true friend to many people.  

Her teaching is honest, nurturing and so insightful.  This woman holds space with such care and compassion for everyone she works with.  This is a teacher who practices what she preaches and isn't afraid to share the challenges and messy bits.  Bringing so much more to her teaching than just yoga poses, Kelly seamlessly fuses journaling, mindfulness and so much more on the mat. She is a champion for all the tools that help her, guardian of our inner light and queen of so many hearts.

Kelly is the calm, clear water to my heat and I love that I get to create and share these experiences with this beautiful soul."

words by Christine

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