Sunday 14th October | Yoga in the Park




    It’s not about the headstands! Yoga gets a bad reputation, it really does and it’s left a whole host of people reluctant to give it a try. Meditation seems even further down the list of new experiences to try - it’s honestly not about chanting with the legs in a tangle. Instead mindfulness, a form of meditation, is noticing your thoughts on purpose and learning how to let them pass by, whilst sitting comfortably.

    The truly beautiful combination of yoga, mindfulness, community and getting outdoors has formed Milton Keynes’ very own, Yoga in the park. Put simply, yoga is for everyone. It’s a way of life and far more accessible than so many of us realise.
    Join us for an inspiring yoga and mindfulness session at the Tree Cathedral, bringing our community together underneath the autumn trees, whilst we begin to connect to ourselves and the present moment.

    Kelly and Christine, two passionate, inspiring and dedicated teachers are bringing this event to Milton Keynes in partnership with The Parks Trust. Their motivation? To share their love of Yoga and mindfulness with as many people as possible.



    Juest turn up on the day and payment will be taken in cash.
    £10 per person which includes a £2 donation to Mind MK.

    Mind MK is a charity that works tirelessly to support mental health in our community and offer much needed support for those that desperately need it


    11:00am - 12:30pm

    The Tree Cathedral 

    Milton Keynes MK15 0DL


    No need to book.  Just turn up on the day and pay in cash.