Intentions – Charm necklaces


It’s believed that semi-precious stones hold healing properties and help to channel energy.  Whether you believe this or not, simply turning your intentions toward qualities we want to cultivate helps.  What better way to remind ourselves of these qualities than with a stunning piece of jewellery that we can wear close to the heart.

These simple and beautiful necklaces have one single semi-precious stone strung next to a silver plated pendant symbolising a path to help you on your journey.

16” silver plated chain



Generosity, prosperity & success

Om - Opening and clearing the mind



Joy, motivation & empowerment

Hamsa - Protection & good luck



Calm, balance & peace

Om - Opening and clearing the mind


White Moonstone:

Protection & wisdom

Crescent moon - Growth & creativity


Rose quartz:

Self-love, commitment & caring

Crescent moon - Growth & creativity


Green Aventurine:

Opportunity & prosperity

Tree - Rooted in the earth, reaching to the stars


Lapis Lazuli:  

Wisdom & truth

Hamsa - Protection & good luck

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