Friday 26th October Mini Retreat | Yin & Vin


Friday 26th October Mini Retreat | Yin & Vin


    This Friday evening chill session is designed to help you let go of the busy stresses of the week.  Slow down and embrace some stillness with a mindful Yin Yoga practice and some deep relaxation, followed by a glass of bubbles and chocolate tasting.


    In our faced paced world, we are often so busy doing, improving, achieving, and rushing around (yang energy).  Yin Yoga invites us to explore the quieter, more subtle energy of slowing down, listening, softening and letting go to bring balance—physically, energetically, and mentally. 


    Yin yoga is a slow-paced style of yoga with postures (asanas) mostly practiced seated or lying down, that are held for longer periods of time than more dynamic forms of yoga.  Yin Yoga emphasizes passive, static postures where we work with meditation and mindfulness techniques to find an inner softness and release in the dense connective tissues in and around the muscles and joints. 


    This practice is suitable for complete beginners with lots of time taken to get in and out of each posture. 

    If you practice yoga regularly, this practice is designed to complement and supplement stronger yang styles of yoga. Yin isn’t a standalone practice; it’s just the other half.


    After, there will be time for you to simply enjoy each other’s company over a glass of Prosecco (non-alcoholic fizz will also be available) and have some fun with some chocolate tasting.  




    6:00pm Yin Yoga Practice and deep relaxation
    7:30pm Fizz & chocolate tasting
    8:00pm Off home to relax some more



    Hidden away in the heart of Milton Keynes is the stunning Westbury Arts Centre; a registered charity in the Shenley Wood area.

    Here you will find the perfect backdrop for yoga and relaxation.  A unique place to recharge, unwind and reignite your creative side amongst the beautiful gardens and original works created by the resident artists. 

    This is a truly special place to help you find space in today’s busy lifestyle.

    Find out more about the great work they do, their talented artists and up and coming workshops at

    If you are interested in getting involved, there are currently volunteer opportunities.  Pop in to Westbury Arts Centre for a chat, email them on, or call 01908 501214 to discuss further.


    Booking confirmation will be emailed to you once payment has been processed and received.  


    • Within 14 days of the event – full refund will be given
    • After 14 days but within 7 days of the event – 50% refund will be given
    • Within 7 days – no refund will be given