Know Excuses (thoughts & meditation)

How many times have you moaned recently? I bloody love a good moan. But enough is enough! I’m BORED of my own moaning. Last week I got the message I needed to hear. (bare with me, I’m about to side track but it’s relevant) Some people get tattoos in very visible places when they step outside of convention. It is a way of making a statement that they are happy to create their own world outside of the norm. Whilst this may seem reckless to some, I love this bold ‘all in’ commitment. An old friend got a serious statement tattoo recently (see picture above). He shared the image on Instagram and as a musician (and let’s be honest, poet) captioned it with this: “Fully accountable for my actions there are no excuses. Furthermore, know thy excuses. Know about them ones you make for yourself and take for the truth. The ‘I’m just not an athlete/musician/artist excuses' Now read that back with some tense orchestral music and a gravely tone.” ...I read this and I got chills. This was a message I needed to hear loud and clear! So I’m sharing it with you all in case you need to hear it too. Let you’re mantra be “know thy excuses” and your affirmation “no excuses”. Read that again and let it marinate.

If you want to really bed this in, why not try out my Know Excuses Meditation below. It’s time to stop being our own barrier to belief. It’s time to try the pose. It’s time to prioritise. It’s time to for action. It’s time. Right, who’s up for getting inked?

Quote and image by Houdini Komplex Sonnets From The Trap EP available on all streaming platforms

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