Move your body & have fun is that simple!

Yoga should be something everyone can enjoy and benefit from.  This community project has been set up to encourage people to come and give yoga a try.  There is nothing glossy or fancy about these classes.  Each week we turn up, roll out our mats and have a laugh before enjoying some quiet time at the end for a bit of rest and relaxation.
At community yoga, every body is WELCOME, regardless of health, wealth, gender, age, experience, ability or body type.
Sign up for a 10 class pass to save.
Not sure you can commit, then book weekly for drop in sessions.
Classes start in January from as little as £5 a class.  Come and give it a go!


taster sessions

Thursday 12th December

A slower pace of class to help you get to grips with the poses.  Ideal if you are working with an injury.

Slow & Steady

A bit faster to get your heart rate up and your muscles really working.  Great for improving fitness.

Faster Paced